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When little people
are overwhelmed by
big emotions, its our job
to share our calm
not to join their chaos
- I.r. Knost


What children say about yoga..

"I feel free when I do yoga and nobody judge me even if my pose is not perfect"

"Yoga helps me relax and forget about the hard day"

"Yoga helps me feel relaxed"

"Yoga helps me feel more flexible"

"Yoga helps me feel calm and focused"

"Yoga makes me better at my learning and helps me thing and makes me focuses and relaxed"

"Makes me feel happier and free"

"I can move better and im no longer stiff"

"Doing lion pose it makes me feel stronger"

"When I do yoga I forget about everything and my mind is clear"


About me

I am a teacher and children’s author from London. I have been working with children for more than ten years, starting as a nanny, moving on to nursery assistant work becoming a mum and enjoying yoga as a hobby in the meantime.


Why do we love teaching yoga?

• By teaching them breathing techniques and power of movement and understanding our bodies, we hand them tools they might use throughout their life to deal with any challenges.

• It gives children the opportunity to have “me time “, slow down, relax and notice the beautiful things around us.

• We believe every child is amazing, unique and special in their own ways and yoga helps them to discover the greatness they have inside them.

• We have opportunity to teach children core values such as kindness, self- love, compassion, gratitude and friendship.

• We want to give children opportunity to make friends, have fun and freedom of just being kids and enjoying themselves for as long as the class lasts.

• Children can express their creativity through imaginative stories as well as doing various arts and crafts.

• We want children to be happy, healthy and have fun at the same time so exercising doesn’t feel hard at all.

• We want to give children the tools to deal with challenging days. It is not what happens to us in life, is how we react to it.

• We believe yoga is a great way for children to be mindful, creative, have fun, boost their self esteem and simply just being themselves because that’s the only way they can reach their highest potential and love themselves.


  • "Aga is amazing. She always has the best classes. Her energy and passion to teach kids sparkle the room. The classes she does are well prepared, with beautiful learning messages and lovely experience.Highly recommend"

    Maddie Stoica
  • "Albert is fully enjoying the yoga classes. I think it is really important that a kid with special needs is listened to and the fact that he is able to express when he needs a break and that the yoga exercises are interactive, it is really good. I like the fact that each class has different equipment and theme and is not always the same repetitive stuff I believe breathing techniques and calming skills are mandatory for any child that is growing healthy. We are very pleased and it has been a positive experience so far"

    Arlene Siri Priti Bonet
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